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Hida Viloria: Born Both

Hida Viloria: Born Both

USA 2017, 352 pp., hardbound,  29.95
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A memoir of gender identity, self-acceptance, and love from one of the world's foremost intersex activists. Hida Viloria was raised as a girl but discovered at a young age that her body looked different. Having endured an often turbulent home life as a kid, she felt scared and alone, especially given her attraction to girls. But unlike most people in the first world who are born intersex - Hilda grew up in the body she was born with because her parents did not have her sex characteristics surgically altered at birth. At 26, she encountered the term intersex in a newspaper that she finally had a name for her difference. That's when she began to explore what it means to live in the space between genders - to be both and neither.