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Dave Thompson: The Rocky Horror Picture Show FAQ

Dave Thompson: The Rocky Horror Picture Show FAQ

Everything Left to Know About the Campy Cult Classic. USA 2016, 374 pp., brochure,  24.99
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Hal Leonard
»The Rocky Horror Picture Show FAQ« is the in-depth story of a unique period in theatrical history in the movie´s UK homeland as well as overseas. Rocky Horror has been performed worldwide for more than 40 years in over 30 countries. Inside these pages, we see Rocky Horror as sexual cabaret and political subversion, as modern mega-hit and Broadway disaster. At the movie house, we learn when to shout, what to throw and why people even do those things. Here is the story of the play´s original creation, its forebears and its influences are laid out in detail, together with both the triumphs and tragedies that attended it across the next 40 forty years. Packed with anecdotes, the book is the story of dozens of worldwide performances and the myriad stars who have been featured in them.
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