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Eben Venter: Wolf, Wolf

Eben Venter: Wolf, Wolf

UK 2015, 272 pp., hardback,  16.95
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How should a man be? Mattie Duiker is trying very hard to live up to his dying father's wishes. He is putting aside childish things, starting his first business. His Pa is proud. At the same time, Mattie is pulled toward an altogether other version of masculinity, in which oiled and toned bodies cavort for him at the click of a mouse. His porn addiction both threatens his relationship with his boyfriend Jack and imperils his inheritance. His peacocking days as a swaggering businessman are done, but even as the cancer shrivels and crisps him, old Pa's ancient authority intensifies as it shrinks. Pa prepares his son for life without him and himself for life without a male heir. And, while the family wrestles with matters of entitlement and inheritance, around them a new South Africa is quietly nudging its way forwards.
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