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Peggy Herring: Beyond All Reason

Peggy Herring: Beyond All Reason

USA 2002, 233 pp., brochure,  12.95
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Trina knew, from the instant she first saw Rosalie, that she should stay away from this woman, her brother's fiancée. Rosalie knew, from the moment she first saw Trina, that she wanted to be her friend. After being rejected by her homophobic family when she was a teenager, Trina slowly established her place in the family - a family that loves her but doesn't understand her and struggles with accepting her sexuality. And despite years of therapy and the determination not to let her painful past control her, Trina finds she is unable to completely trust anyone. Ignoring Trina's reluctance, Rosalie pursues a friendship with her future sister-in-law. One step at a time, she gradually begins to gain Trina's trust only to lose control of her own heart. As her feelings of friendship blossom into love and desire, Rosalie realizes that Trina is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with. But can Trina ever believe Rosalie's love is true and can she risk possibly losing her family again for a love that is beyond all reason?
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