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Randy Shilts: The Mayor of Castro Street

Randy Shilts: The Mayor of Castro Street

The Life and Times of Harvey Milk. USA 2008 (Reprint), 388 pp., brochure, € 19.99
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Known as »The Mayor of Castro Street« even before he was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Harvey Milk's personal life, public career, and final assassination reflect the dramatic emergence of the gay community as a political power in America. It is a story full of personal tragedies and political intrigues, assassinations at City Hall, massive riots in the streets, the miscarriage of justice, and the consolidation of gay power and gay hope. Author Randy Shilts was one of the first openly gay journalists hired at a major newspaper and worked for the »San Francisco Chronicle for 13 years. He died of AIDS in 1994 in California.
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