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Mark D. Jordan: Telling Truths in Church

Mark D. Jordan: Telling Truths in Church

USA 2003, 121 pp., cloth, € 22.49
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The ongoing crisis in the Catholic church has revealed certain truths: truths in the memories of abused children and adolescents, and truths about the church's response - or lack of response - to evidence about the behavior of some of its priests. But Mark Jordan - the author of »The Silence of Sodom« - argues that for true reform to occur, the truth telling in the Christian churches must go much farther and deeper than this. Christians, he says, must try to speak truths to one another about the regulations, customs, and fictions that allow the Roman church to operate, about same-sex desire within Catholic structures of clerical power, and the church's devices for silencing these conversations, about the difficulty of telling the truth, and about the feelings of Catholics for the body of Christ.
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