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Allan Peterkin: One Thousand Beards

Allan Peterkin: One Thousand Beards

USA 2001, 229 pp., brochure, € 24.95
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Every man has the capacity to grow facial hair, but the decision to do so has always come with layers of meaning. At one time or another beards have come to represent wisdom, goodness, sorcery, diabolism, psychological depth, and revolution. They have been purchased, elaborately trimmed, adorned, and dyed. »One Thousand Beards« is a witty, comprehensive history of facial hair, documenting its continuous rise and fall as a trend. With chapters like the »Medical Beard«, the »Gay Beard«, and the »Unconscious Beard« (says Dr Freud: »Sometimes a beard is just a beard«), this book also shows how manifestations of facial hair have been determined by class, religious belief, historical precedent, and occupational status. While style recipes, information on care and upkeep, and hundreds of pictures of famous men (and women!) with facial hair, this book provides an insightful, and well-groomed look at the cultural influence of facial hair.
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