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Sarah Schulman: The Cosmopolitans

Sarah Schulman: The Cosmopolitans

USA 2016, 296 pp., hardbound, € 18.95
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Feminist Press
A modern retelling of Balzac's classic »Cousin Bette« by one of America's most prolific lesbian writers. Earl, a black, gay actor working in a meatpacking plant, and Bette, a white secretary, have lived next door to each other in the same Greenwich Village apartment building for thirty years. Shamed and disowned by their families, both found refuge in New York and in their domestic routine. Everything changes when Hortense, a wealthy young actress from Ohio, comes to the city to »make it«. Textured with the grit and gloss of midcentury Manhattan, »The Cosmopolitans« is a lush, inviting read. The two unlikely friends, cast out of their own families, search for understanding in 1950s Bohemian New York City.
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