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Jonathan Taieb (R): Stand

Jonathan Taieb (R): Stand

RUS 2014, russ.OF, engl.UT, 87 min.,  19.99
Aktion Portofrei: Kostenloser Versand in Österreich.
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TLA Releasing
Anton and Vlad are a handsome, happy couple living in modern day Russia - peacefully making a life for themselves in the comfortable privacy of their Moscow apartment. But everything is about to change. After witnessing a brutal homophobic attack that leaves the victim critically ill in hospital, Anton and Vlad set out to find those responsible. Set against the backdrop of Russia's infamous anti-homosexual propaganda law, and with the authorities turning a blind eye to the crime's motives, Anton risks his life to stand up for his rights and to seek justice for a killing he believes he was partly responsible for. Anton talks his skeptical lover into launching their own investigation into the hate crime, inevitably leading to unexpected and risky consequences.
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