Löwenherz - die Buchhandlung in Wien. Fachbuchhandlung mit schwulem und lesbischem Sortiment.
: Meat


Fanzine, halbjährlich,  14.90
Aktion Portofrei: Kostenloser Versand in Österreich.
Europa: Kostenloser Versand ab 20 Euro Bestellwert.

MEAT has developed a cult status amongst lovers of printed-paper and hot fellas.
MEAT is for everyone and singles out no one Photographer and publisher Adrian Lourie aims to photograph as many men as possible in order to fill each issue with a diverse range of amazing regular blokes in their own clothes (and out of them).
If you're a fan of hot guys, underpants, hairy chests, high tops, tube socks, vests, shorts or beards, meat is a for you.

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