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Christopher Hampton (R): Carrington

Christopher Hampton (R): Carrington

UK 1995, engl. OF, dt./ital./span. SF, engl./dt./ital./span./niederl./portug./grch. UT, 122 min., € 18.99
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The story of Dora Carrington (Emma Thompson), the beautiful but unhappy English painter, and her relationship with gay writer Lytton Strachey (Jonathan Pryce). In the years after World War One the couple experimented with their relationship by breaking all the taboos of old England, as they struggled to live as freely and honestly as was possible. Amid the trendy, bohemian scene of London's famed Bloomsbury group, the two creative souls are instantly attracted to each other although Strachey's desires clearly lies with men. The unlikely pair pursue the arts - discovering that love works in mysterious ways. But their blissful existence hangs in the balance when Carrington brings home a male lover and they suddenly find themselves caught in a bizarre love triangle. As conflicting passions heat to a boiling point the question is: which love will triumph? And will Carrington lose her one and only soul mate forever?
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