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Ali Smith: Girl Meets Boy

Ali Smith: Girl Meets Boy

UK 2015, 164 pp., brochure, € 14.95
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Ligdus and Telethusa are having a child, but they cannot afford to have a girl. Ligdus informs Telethusa that she had better hope for a boy. While this decision makes them both sad, Telethusa »must obey«. She prays to Isis, but births a girl and names her Iphis, a name that »suited male or female - a neutral name«. She convinces everyone, including Ligdus, that Iphis is a boy. Iphis matures and falls in love with another girl, Ianthe, and is engaged for marriage, yet s/he is ruled by the sexual norms of the time: »Possessed by love so strange . . . no female wants a female!« but »no learned art can ever make of me a boy.« She attempts to reconcile her love for Ianthe against the pressures of »nature«. The wedding day is near, Telethusa is desperate, and prays again to Isis. Iphis is transformed, looking like a boy.
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