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G Benson: All Wrapped Up

G Benson: All Wrapped Up

D 2015, ca. 7000 Wörter, E-Book (Format epub), € 0.99
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Ylva Verlag
Who doesn't love a birthday party? Especially a toddler's. There's sugar, balloons, games - all the makings for fun; that is unless it's the first toddler birthday party you've ever planned in your life. It can't be that hard, Anna Foster decides; and when she's decided something, that's it. The ones she attended as a guest were a blast, and surely there's nothing that over organisation, a checklist or three, and a Type A personality can't fix, right? Though the smirk her mother keeps throwing her way is a little off-putting. Maybe four checklists would be better. Or maybe a glass of wine.
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