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Astrid Ohletz / Jae (ed.): Don’t Be Shy (Volume 1-2)

Astrid Ohletz / Jae (ed.): Don’t Be Shy (Volume 1-2)

D 2015, 350 S., brochure,  15.95
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Ylva Verlag - Don't Be Shy Series 1-2
Sultry, sensual, kinky erotica with a smart, sexy twist: these twenty-five lesbian erotica stories that first appeared in »Don’t Be Shy Volumes 1 and 2« are now available in one compendium. A woman talks her girlfriend into an arduous mountain hike, only to reveal a naughty al fresco birthday surprise when they reach the peak. A tempestuous opera diva finally makes her longsuffering servant remember why she continues in her mistress’s employ. In the shadow of a rocket launch, a bed-and-breakfast owner reaches new heights of sexual satisfaction from a guest she almost turned away. A woman takes a risk with a compelling stranger in a dive bar and is rewarded with an unforgettable night with an experienced dom. Celebrate the pleasures of the female flesh without having to check your mind at the door. Come, don’t be shy, take a peek inside - you won’t regret it.
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