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Rob Kirby (ed.): QU33R - Queer

Rob Kirby (ed.): QU33R - Queer

USA 2014, 248 pp., brochure,  29.99
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QU33R is features queer comics legends as well as new talents. We’ve set down our history, now QU33R shines a light on our future! QU33R had its genesis in an all-color queer comic zine called »THREE«, which featured three stories by three creators or teams per issue. Rob Kirby published three installments of »THREE« annually from 2010 to 2012, and the series did well, garnering not only an Ignatz nomination for Outstanding Anthology or Collection but also earning Rob the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant in 2011. Producing the anthology was immensely gratifying, but featuring just three comics and publishing only once per year meant a lot of cartoonists weren’t getting the exposure they deserved. The publishing opportunities for queer cartoonists and queer subject matter are still limited, even today, and Rob longed for a wider distribution than he was able to manage on his own. He approached Northwest Press about doing a bigger compendium of all-new work.
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