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Marc E. Vargo: Scandal

Marc E. Vargo: Scandal

Infamous Gay Controversies of the Twentieth Century. USA 2003, 195 pp., brochure, € 21.99
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This examination of same-sex controversies ranges from accusations of obscenity and libel to espionage, treason, murder, and political dissent - with penalties that include censorship, imprisonment, deportation, and death. In each case, the subject of homosexuality came into public view in an explosive, sensational manner, stalling (and sometimes reversing) any progress made by the gay and lesbian community in mainstream society. The author details the dignity, courage, and wisdom displayed by these gay men and women under attack in the face of public judgment. An English novelist, an Irish patriot, a German general, a Cuban poet, an Italian filmmaker, three English spies, and a South African struggling against »apartheid« all found themselves involved in scandals in which their homosexuality was trumpeted to the press, even when their same-sex preference had little to do with the issues.
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