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Stephen Snyder-Hill: Soldier of Change

Stephen Snyder-Hill: Soldier of Change

From the Closet to the Forefront of the Gay Rights Movement. USA 2014, 198 pp., hardcover,  24.95
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University of Nebraska Press
When »Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell«, the official U.S. policy on gays serving in the military, was repealed in 2011, soldier Stephen Snyder-Hill (then Captain Hill) was serving in Iraq. Having endured years of this policy, which passively encouraged a culture of fear and secrecy for gay soldiers, Snyder-Hill submitted a video to a Republican primary debate (held two days after the repeal). In the video he asked for the Republicans’ thoughts regarding the repeal and their plans, if any, to extend spousal benefits to legally married gay and lesbian soldiers. His video was booed by the audience on national TV. The book captures not only the media frenzy that followed that moment, placing Snyder-Hill at the forefront of this modern civil rights movement, but also his 20-year journey as a gay man in the army. Foreword by George Takei.
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