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Lawrence Durrell: The Alexandria Quartet

Lawrence Durrell: The Alexandria Quartet

UK 2012, 880 pp.,brochure,  24.95
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Faber and Faber
An exotic and stunningly accomplished work of fiction in four interlocking novels. Set amid the corrupt glamour and multiplying intrigues of Alexandria in the 1930s and '40s, these novels follow the shifting alliances – sexual, cultural, and political - of characters whose motives change dramatically from one book to the next: Darley, the adulterous Irish schoolmaster; Pursewarden, an English writer - diplomat; Nessim, a Coptic Christian who is very rich and strangely tolerant of his wife's infidelities; and Justine, an Egyptian Jew who pursues sexual experience with messianic fervor. In fact the four novels are grounded on Durrells notion of sexuality – esp. his pursuit of giving homosexuality a so far unheard voice. Remarkable in its fictional architecture, pyrotechnic in its prose, seductive and deeply disturbing, »The Alexandria Quartet« is one of the few works to touch the inscrutable heart of human nature.
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