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Francis Wheen: Who was Dr Charlotte Bach?

Francis Wheen: Who was Dr Charlotte Bach?

UK 2002, 141 pp., hardback,  17.59
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In 1971 a curious new figure appeared on the London academic scene. Charlotte Bach was a former lecturer at the University of Budapest, and she had a new theory of sex and evolution which was soon being heralded as one of the greatest intellectual advances of the 20th century. She would demonstrate beyond doubt that sexual deviation was the mainspring of evolution. At the height of her cult status, she would be compared to Einstein and Freud. The author unravels the bizarre life story of an elusive Hungarian with a genius for deception. Academic, aristocrat, entrepreneur, Agony Aunt, prostitute, hypnotherapist, dominatrix - who really was Charlotte Bach? Yet the post-mortem report prepared after her death in June 1981 described her as »a well-nourished man«.
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