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Axel Neustädter: Play With Me!

Axel Neustädter: Play With Me!

The Complete Guide to Sexual Role Playing. D 2015, 208 pp., illustrated, hardbound,  26.99
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Bruno Gmünder
Following on his comprehensive guide to sex positions, »Gaymasutra«, Axel Neustädter’s new book »Play with Me!« dives into the world of erotic role-playing. What happens when all the varieties of gay sexuality get harnessed for the purposes of transformation to lift you out of your familiar routine? That’s where role-playing begins. Whether it’s the classic scenario of playing doctor or cyber-techno games, pet play or the adventures of an office stud. There are no limits to where fantasy can take you. This richly illustrated guidebook, with its large selection of color photos, personal testimonies, and interviews with experts, answers all the important questions about role-playing. A book to help everyone find the perfect role: in bed, in the back room, and maybe even in real life.
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