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James Grissom: Follies of God

James Grissom: Follies of God

Tennessee Williams and the Women of the Fog. USA 2015, 416 pp., hardbound, € 29.95
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This book makes almost magically clear how Tennessee Williams wrote, how he came to his visions of Amanda Wingfield, his Blanche DuBois, Stella Kowalski, Alma Winemiller, Lady Torrance, and the other characters of his plays that transformed the American theater of the mid-20th century. The book reveals the heart and soul of artistic inspiration and the collaboration between playwright and actress, playwright and director. At a moment in the life of Tennessee Williams when he felt he had been relegated to a »lower artery of the theatrical heart«, he summoned to New Orleans a hopeful 20-year-old writer, James Grissom, who had written an unsolicited letter to the great gay playwright asking for advice. After an intense conversation, Williams sent Grissom out to interview peers whose lives were influenced by Williams.
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