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Tristan Taormino (ed.): When She Was Good

Tristan Taormino (ed.): When She Was Good

Best Lesbian Erotica. USA 2014, 270 pp., brochure,  19.95
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Cleis - Best Lesbian Erotica
Studded with butch/femme, BDSM and vanilla-spiced desire, »When She Was Good« presents lesbian erotica as sweetly satisfying and intensely indelible as you ever imagined it could be. Edited by author Tristan Taormino and introduced by the brilliant »Sister Spit« performer Ali Liebegott, these stories are startlingly fresh, inventive and breathtakingly bold. A lust-soaked foursome in the midst of an Amish-country cyclone, bodies unfurling in ecstasy as the walls shake and the world threatens to come apart. A femme floating in rapture as her butch screams her name atop the Coronado Bay Bridge. A rough, wet tryst between a grocery store cashier and a muscle-bound stockroom worker taking some time between their shifts to fulfill each other’s fantasies.