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Marek Kanievska (R): Another Country

Marek Kanievska (R): Another Country

UK 1984, engl.OF, 85 min.,  14.99
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A film that centres around the life of Guy Burgess (Rupert Everett) and why he became a communist spy for the U.S.S.R. We learn of his homosexuality at Eton college and the subsequent public school pressures which were an influence on his life. »Another Country« tells the story of two teenage friends at the Elite public school during the summer 1931. Clever, hedonistic and gay, Bennett is in his penultimate year of school and the future looks bright. He is convinced he will rise to the heights of his chosen career in the diplomatic service by eventually being appointed Ambassador in Paris. His best friend Judd, committed to Lenin's brave new world, despises such bourgeois aspirations. The film is based on the play by Julian Mitchell.
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