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Jan Dunn (R): Gypo

Jan Dunn (R): Gypo

UK 2007, OF, engl. UT, 100 Min.,  17.99
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British drama documenting the breakdown of a working class family when the teenage daughter befriends a refugee girl. Helen has been married to Paul for 25 years. They live a monotonous and frozen existence: Helen is desperate, damaged, and looking for change; while Paul - bitter, hypocritical and bigoted, sick and tired of being in the poverty trap - is on the brink of a breakdown. His biggest fear is change. Into their lives comes Tasha, a Romany Czech refugee, awaiting her British passport and her chance for freedom - a concept taken for granted by all those around her. »Gypo« deals with contemporary themes – living as a lesbian in a working class family, xenophobia etc. – in an original and striking way.
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