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Paul Bailey: The Prince's Boy

Paul Bailey: The Prince's Boy

UK 2015, 152 pp., brochure,  14.95
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In May 1927, 19-year-old Dinu Grigorescu, a skinny boy with literary ambitions, has just arrived in Paris. He has been sent from Bucharest, the city of his childhood, by his wealthy father to embark upon a bohemian adventure and relish the unique pleasures of Parisian life. An innocent in a new city, Dinu is secretly drawn to the Bains du Ballon d’Alsace, a notorious establishment where the men of Paris, married or otherwise, can enjoy something different, everything they crave. There he meets Razvan, a fellow Romanian, the adopted child of a man of refinement - a prince’s boy - whose stories of Proust and other artists entrance Dinu, and who will become the young man’s teacher in the ways of the world. Written in London many years later, Dinu’s memoir of his brief spell in Paris is a story of his forbidden love with another man.
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