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Neil Bartlett: The Disappearance Boy

Neil Bartlett: The Disappearance Boy

UK 2014, 288 pp., hardback, € 27.95
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23-year-old gay Reggie Rainbow is a stagehand living at the heart of the performance. He’s found the perfect profession for someone who likes to keep himself to himself. It’s his job to make sure that some things stay out of sight and out of mind. He’s an angry gay young man who treads the backstage corridors of down-at-heel theatres for a living. Childhood polio has left him with a limp, but his strong arms and nimble fingers are put to perfect use behind the scenes, helping the illusionist Mr Brookes to »disappear« a series of glamorous assistants twice nightly. But in 1953, bookings for magic acts are scarce, even in London. So when Mr Brookes is unexpectedly offered a slot at the Brighton Grand, Reggie finds himself back out on the road and living in a strange new town. He’s got to find new purpose as a gay man.
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