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Bill Condon (R): Gods and Monsters

Bill Condon (R): Gods and Monsters

USA 1997, engl.OF, 105 min.,  14.99
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Anchor Bay
This Oscar-winning film stars Sir Ian McKellen as James Whale, the director of the classic 1931 film »Frankenstein«. Whale has slipped into a comfortable but monotonous retirement, living with his housekeeper Hanna (Lynn Redgrave) and lounging in the Los Angeles sun. His solitary existence is disrupted by two events: a visit from a curious film student who wants to find out more about the golden age of Hollywood, and the arrival of Clayton Boone (Brendan Fraser), the new gardener. Whale finds himself attracted to Boone and asks him to pose for a portrait, but the gardener is disturbed by his employer's homosexuality and is initially reluctant to befriend the elderly man.
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