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Mike Hicks: From Lust to Love

Mike Hicks: From Lust to Love

Gay Erotic Romance. D 2014, 185 pp., brochure,  14.99
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Bruno Gmünder - Gay Erotic Romance
They meet at the bar. Or in the shower at the gym. And there's an instant connection. An unmistakable desire. The other one will do for tonight, each thinks - it's just a trick. But yet there's a spark of something more, something beyond passion. Something neither will admit they've been longing for. Could this be their last one night stand? What happens when a casual hook-up satisfies your ultimate craving? That's when you go »From Lust to Love«. The stories in this new volume of gay erotic romance are, among others, »Twinkproof«, »Horse-Hung Confidential«, »Man of the House«, and »Private Dancer« - sometimes it's just a butt that originally piques an interest but it may not be unusual to fall in love with all the rest of a lover's body soon.
Schwul > Erotica