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Alison Bechdel: Spawn of Dykes to Watch Out for

Alison Bechdel: Spawn of Dykes to Watch Out for

USA 1993, 132 pp., brochure,  15.99
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Firebrand - Dykes to Watch Out for 5
In »Spawn of Dykes to Watch Out for«, Toni and Clarice are having a baby, and Alison Bechdel - the lesbian community's premier visual archivist - is right there to record the blessed event. Where do babies come from? Storks? Sperm banks? Birth mothers? Adoption agencies? When Clarice and Toni set out to become parents, the situation is pregnant with possibility. Hang onto your »freedom teething rings« as events unfold in anatomically correct detail. Alison Bechdel's 5th cartoon collection delivers in a big way and gives new meaning to rituals like baby showers, teething rings and the Mammo Pump!