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Ian Hamilton / Alasdair MacMillan (R): The Dame Edna Experience

Ian Hamilton / Alasdair MacMillan (R): The Dame Edna Experience

AUS 1989, OF, 610 Min. ,  29.95
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»Hello possums!« The word »dame« means different things to different people in that lovely little place called Great Britain. It's a title that is bestowed on ladies of distinction who have undertaken valuable work to safeguard what's left of your lovely little empire. Then there is my good self, Australia's greatest export and gracious role model to the likes of Nicole and Kylie. Now you can experience my contribution to world culture by devouring this four-disc set containing my most intimate chats with gorgeous men. »Ccelebrating myself as Australia's First Lady.« Six episodes of Dame Edna Everage's variety/chat show. Celebrity guests include Sean Connery, Charlton Heston, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jane Seymour, Larry Hagman, Rudolf Nureyev, Mel Gibson, Tony Curtis and Joan Rivers. Includes »The Christmas Experience« and »A Night on Mount Edna«.
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