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Craig Arthur Williams: Roman Homosexuality

Craig Arthur Williams: Roman Homosexuality

UK 2010, 471 pp., brochure, € 79.95
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Oxford University Press
Ten years after its original publication, »Roman Homosexuality« remains the definitive statement of this interesting but often misunderstood aspect of Roman culture. Learned yet accessible, the book has reached both students and general readers with an interest in ancient sexuality. This second edition features a new foreword by Martha Nussbaum, a completely rewritten introduction that takes account of new developments in the field, a rewritten and expanded appendix on ancient images of sexuality, and an updated bibliography. The chapters discuss the concepts of homosexuality, heterosexuality and bisexuality in Ancient History, general social traditions as slaves and prostitutes, the relationship between Greek and Roman culture, the concept of »stuprum«, effeminacy and masculinity, second roles and identities.
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