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Sacchi Green (ed.): Women With Handcuffs

Sacchi Green (ed.): Women With Handcuffs

Lesbian Cop Erotica. USA 2014, 232 pp., brochure,  15.95
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What is it about lesbian cops that push all the right buttons? Sure, there's the uniform with handcuffs, gun, and billy club, and the confidence, authority, and sense of danger. But there's something more that gives these uncompromising women their commanding, overwhelming sexuality. The top-flight fiction writers tapped by Lambda Award–winning editor Sacchi Green in »Women with Handcuffs« capture that irresistible force and channel it into fiercely erotic stories. Delilah Devlin's cops play their »Only Game in Town« in a Southern city that's small without being small-minded. Elizabeth Coldwell's handcuffed stripper in »Torn Off a Strip« meets her match, while Lynn Mixon's witness protection marshal finds (and gives) a »Healing Hand.« If you like your policewomen on the case and under the sheets, the hotly subversive stories in »Women with Handcuffs« are for you.
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