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Devin Hamilton (R): Shut up and Kiss Me

Devin Hamilton (R): Shut up and Kiss Me

USA 2010, engl.OF, engl.UT, 79 min.,  17.99
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Devin Hamilton directs this comedy about a 35-year-old singleton who braves the world of gay-dating as he searches for »Mr Right«. Egged on by his straight friends, lonely heart Ben embarks on a crash course of dating that soon has him despairing that he'll ever find his ideal match. Nightmarish attempts with video dating, bad gym run-ins, and his uproarious friends signing him up with online match-making sites have got him nowhere. But as luck would have it, he soon realises he has the hots for Grey, a jogger who passes by each morning while Ben is watering his front lawn. After finally plucking up the courage to speak to Grey, Ben discovers there's an instant chemistry between them. There's only one problem, however, Ben wants a monogamous relationship, and Grey has some serious commitment issues. Funny and touching, »Shut up and Kiss Me« deals with sexual monogamy and dating in today's gay world.Trailer auf Youtube ansehen
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