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Martha Edens Clark: Coming Out Together

Martha Edens Clark: Coming Out Together

The Journey of a Gay Minister's Wife Through Love, Divorce, and Remarriage. USA 2011, 115 pp., brochure, € 13.99
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This is the story of a young woman (the author) who knew next to nothing about homosexuality, and a young minister (Maurice) who suppressed his homosexuality for 55 years. It is about their friendship, love, marriage, and eventual revelation of his homosexuality. It is told in chapters which answer questions that the author has been asked as she began to tell others about her life, marriage, divorce and re-marriage. The book is titled »Coming Out Together« because that is exactly what they did after Maurice revealed his homosexuality.They planned together how they would tell others and how they would prepare for their future lives. They even talked about how they would write this book together, but life intervened, and he finally said »You will have to write it«. He died in 2009. So the author has written it, with the help of Maurice's partner Elliott, and Martha's second husband, Shields.
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