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Radclyffe (ed.): Best Lesbian Romance 2014

Radclyffe (ed.): Best Lesbian Romance 2014

USA 2014, 219 pp., brochure, € 15.95
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Cleis - Best Lesbian Romance
Savor gorgeous writing and the pleasure of romance with »Best Lesbian Romance 2014«. The lesbian literati in this volume comprising the very best of the year raise the bar with tales that grab readers' attention, and their libidos, and have them coming back for more. Romance is many things: thrilling, inspiring, passionate, and life-altering. But most of all, love - whether new or lifelong - is filled with endless possibility. These 18 stories of love, intimacy, and soaring romance from Andrea Dale, Anna Meadows, Lee Lynch, Radclyffe, and the rest of the best, guide readers on an unforgettable journey of adventure, desire, excitement, and discovery. A blind date seems destined for disaster but turns out to be the start of something special in Jillian Boyd's »Aussie Girl«. A grief-worn widow gets back in the saddle, for life and love, in »Second Chance«, by Jade Melisande. Shisuma's »An Adventure« is a love song to marriage and how the fire of attraction can grow even stronger over the years.
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