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Winston Gieseke (ed.): Straight No More

Winston Gieseke (ed.): Straight No More

Gay Erotic Stories. D 2013, 203 pp., brochure,  15.99
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Bruno Gmünder - Gay Erotic Stories
This gay erotic anthology deals with the art of seducing a straight guy. Because you know much better what to do with him than his girlfriend. He may not say so but you can tell by the sounds he makes, the look on his face afterwards, the awkward but grateful »thank you«. It's a flattery thing, he says. But whatever he tells himself he enjoyed it - best of all, it was easy. He didn't have to work for it. It was the perfect arrangement: he wanted to get off - you wanted to get him off - with no strings attached, no drama, and no future expectations ... but what happens if he gets hooked? »Straight No More« ... from »Playing It Straight« to »Rite of Passage«, from »The Other Side of the Fence« to »Flipping Out«, from »Under Pressure« to »Adam and Evening«.
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