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Linda Kay Silva: Third Time's a Charm

Linda Kay Silva: Third Time's a Charm

USA 2011, 235 pp., brochure,  14.95
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Spinsters Ink - Across Time 3
Murder, ghosts, and ancient Egyptian mysteries surround Jessie in this 3rd installment of the »Across Time« series. Her family's inn is haunted, and Jessie fears the ghosts might hurt her little brother if she can't find out what they want. When she discovers the true nature of their visits, she must travel back to ancient Egypt, to her former self, Sakura, priestess to the Goddess Isis and sister to the ill-fated Queen Nefertiti. Once there, Jessie realizes that a heinous crime was committed in the inn in 1922, a crime directly tied to Sakura, Nefertiti, and the events surrounding Ahkenaten's reign. Can Jessie right the wrongs committed over 80 years ago? Can she protect her brother from beings she does not understand?
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