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Linda Hirshman: Victory

Linda Hirshman: Victory

The Triumphant Gay Revolution. USA 2013, 444 pp., brochure, € 27.95
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Harper Collins
When the modern struggle for gay rights erupted - most notably at a bar called Stonewall in Greenwich Village - in the summer of 1969, most religious traditions condemned homosexuality, psychiatric experts labeled people who were attracted to others of the same sex »crazy«, and 49 states in the USA outlawed sex between people of the same gender. 40 years later, in June 2011, New York legalized gay marriage - the third most populous state in the country. The armed forces stopped enforcing »Don't Ask, Don't Tell«, ending a law that had long discriminated against gays and lesbians of the military. Long roads led to these victories. The gay rights movement is viewed within the tradition of American freedom. The fight for gay rights has changed the American landscape for all citizens.
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