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Paul Monette: Becoming a Man

Paul Monette: Becoming a Man

USA 2004, 278 pp., brochure, € 13.89
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Paul Monette first made a name for himself in 1978 with his debut novel »Taking Care of Mrs. Carroll«, a comic romp with serious overtones. He established himself as a writer of popular fiction with three more novels before he and his lover were both diagnosed with HIV. In 1988 he wrote »On Borrowed Time«, a memoir of living with ... Weiterlesen

Paul Monette: Borrowed Time

Paul Monette: Borrowed Time

An AIDS Memoir. USA 1988, 342 pp., brochure, € 24.95
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The first personal account of AIDS, this classic remains as fiercely moving as anything written on the topic since. More than just a record of the early stages of the plague, Paul Monette´s chronicle of his relationship with Roger Horwitz is also a moving love story. From the night of their first meeting, to Roger´s diagnosis a decade later, and ... Weiterlesen

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