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Kirk Snyder: The G Quotient

Kirk Snyder: The G Quotient

USA 2006, 206 pp., hardcover, € 23.90
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In the last ten years, across-the-board levels of employee satisfaction, workplace morale, and job engagement have plummeted in the western world. But while many businesses are baffled by this steady decline, Snyder's research has uncovered a unique exception. Organizations and working units under the leadership of white-collar gay males are collectively experiencing 25-30 per cent higher levels of employee satisfaction, ... Weiterlesen

Kirk Snyder: Lavender Road to Success

Kirk Snyder: Lavender Road to Success

USA 2003, 194 pp., brochure, € 14.79
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Finally... a book for those of us who want to climb the corporate ladder! Based on the groundbreaking two-year study of more than 300 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender alumni from USC, »Lavender Road To Success« is the first career guide written for the GLBT community. Kirk Snyder reveals the truth about a wide variety of issues facing gay professionals ... Weiterlesen

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