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A.E. Radley: Grounded

A.E. Radley: Grounded

Flight Series. D 2017, 337 pp., brochure, € 24.99
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Ylva Verlag - Flight Series
City professional Olivia Lewis is coming to terms with her latest romantic failure by attempting to throw herself into her work. But with clients suddenly leaving Applewood Financial in their droves it becomes clear that old enemies have decided to strike and Olivia realizes that she is losing everything. Meanwhile the world of first-class flight attendant Emily White comes crashing ... Weiterlesen

A.E. Radley: Flight SQA016

A.E. Radley: Flight SQA016

D 2016, 303 pp., brochure, € 16.95
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Ylva Verlag - The Flight Series 1
Spurred on by overwhelming and ever-increasing debts, Emily White takes a job working in the first-class cabin on the prestigious commuter route from her home of New York to London with Crown Airlines. A gruelling transatlantic schedule means she is in the air nearly as much as she is on the ground and desperately misses her five-year-old son. On board ... Weiterlesen

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